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2016. Presuppositions, Projection, and Accommodation – Theoretical Issues and Experimental Approaches. Chapter draft, submitted to Handbook of Experimental Semantics and Pragmatics.

2016. [Jérémy Zehr, Cory Bill, Lyn Tieu, Jacopo Romoli, and Florian Schwarz] Presupposition projection from the scope of `None: Existential, Universal, or both? Draft submitted to Proceedings of SALT 26.

2016. [Hezekiah Akiva Bacovcin and Jérémy Zehr and Florian Schwarz] To Accommodate or to Ignore? The Presuppositions of ‘Again’ and ‘Continue’ Across Contexts. (submitted)
2016. Weak vs. Strong Definites – Meaning and Form Across Languages. Invited Talk presented at the workshop on Definiteness Across Languages, Universidad Autonoma de Mexico & El Colegio de Mexico, Mexico City. (earlier version presented at the Workshop on ‘Semantic contribution of Det and Num: (In)definiteness, genericity and referentiality’, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.)

2016. [Jeremy Zehr and Florian Schwarz] Entailed vs. Non-Entailed Presuppositions -An Experimental Assessment. Submitted to Proceedings of NELS 46.

2016. [Florian Schwarz and Sonja Tiemann] Presupposition Projection in Online Processing (Link to Advance Access version on Journal of Semantics website; doi 10.1093/jos/ffw005)

2016 [Florian Schwarz, Jacopo Romoli, and Cory Bill] Reluctant acceptance of the literal truth: Eye tracking in the Covered Box Paradigm. Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 20.

2016 [Lyn Tieu, Cory Bill, Jeremy Zehr, Jacopo Romoli, and Florian Schwarz] Developmental insights into gappy phenomena: Comparing presupposition, implicature, homogeneity, and vagueness. (Submitted chapter draft)

2015 [Jeremy Zehr, Cory Bill, Lyn Tieu, Jacopo Romoli and Florian Schwarz] Existential Presupposition Projection from none? An Experimental Investigation. Pre-Proceedings of the 2015 Amsterdam Colloquium.

2015 [Cory Bill, Jacopo Romoli andFlorian Schwarz] Are some presuppositions scalar implicatures? Assessing evidence from reaction times. (submitted)

2015. [Lynda Kennedy, Cory Bill, Florian Schwarz, Stephen Crain, Raffaella Folli and Jacopo Romoli] Scalar implicatures vs. Presuppositions: the view from Broca’s aphasia. To appear in Proceedings of NELS 45.

2015. Intensional transitive verbs: I owe you a horse. Submitted for inclusion in the Companion to Semantics. (revised version, May 2015)

2015. Experimental Work in Presupposition and Presupposition Projection. Annual Review of Linguistics, Volume 2.

2015. [Florian Schwarz, Jacopo Romoli, Cory Bill] Processing Scalar Implicatures: Slowly Accepting the Truth (literally). Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 19.

2015. False but slow: Evaluating statements with non-referring definites (Journal of Semantics, Advance Access, doi:10.1093/jos/ffu019)

2015. Experimental Perspectives on Presuppositions, Florian Schwarz (ed.),  Studies in Theoretical Psycholinguistics , Springer International Publishing. ISBN: 978-3-319-07979-0
Experimental Perspectives on Presuppositions

My contributions to the volume (email me if you’d like an electronic copy!):

  • Introduction: Presuppositions in Context – Theoretical Issues and Experimental Perspectives.
  • Presuppositions vs. Asserted Content in Online Processing.
  • Symmetry and Incrementality in Conditionals.
  • [Jacopo Romoli and Florian Schwarz] An Experimental Comparison between Presuppositions and Indirect Scalar Implicatures.

2014. [Cory Bill, Jacopo Romoli, Florian Schwarz and Stephen Crain] Presuppositions vs. Scalar Implicatures: The View from Acquisition. To appear in TOPOI, special issue “Presuppositions: Philosophy, Linguistics, and Psychology”

2014. [Ezra Keshet and Florian SchwarzDe Re / De Dicto. (Submitted)

2014. Presuppositions are Fast, whether Hard or Soft – Evidence from the visual world. Proceedings of SALT 24, pp. 1-22. [Also see talk slides and CUNY 27 poster.]

2014. [Cory Bill, Jacopo Romoli, Florian Schwarz and Stephen Crain]Presuppositions vs. Scalar Implicatures in Acquisition Indirect scalar implicatures are neither scalar implicatures nor presuppositions (or both). Poster presented at CUNY 27, OSU, Columbus, OH.

2014. Review of `Paul Elbourne: Definite DescriptionsJournal of Linguistics 50 (3): 731-738.

2014. [Florian Schwarz and Dan Grodner] Pragmatic narrowing in reference resolution: Domain restriction & perspective taking. Poster presented at CUNY 27, OSU, Columbus, OH.

2014. Soft and hard presupposition triggers are fast in online processing. Poster presented at CUNY 27, OSU, Columbus, OH.

2014. Experimental Investigations of Presuppositions – A Progress Report. Invited talk presented at Linguistic Evidence 2014, University of Tübingen, Germany.

2013. How weak and how definite are Weak Definites? (pre-final draft; to appear in a volume on Weak Referentiality, edited by Ana Aguilar-Guevara, Bert Le Bruyn, and Joost Zwarts, to be published in the Linguistics Today series of John Benjamins)

2013. Different Types of Definites Crosslinguistically.  Language and Linguistics Compass Volume 7, Issue 10, pages 534–559. (pre-final draft)

2013. [Florian Schwarz and Sonja Tiemann] The Path of Presupposition Projection in Processing – The Case of ConditionalsProceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 17, E. Chemla, V. Homer, G. Winterstein (eds), pp. 527-544. (Talk slides, Poster version)

2013. Maximality and Definite Plurals – Experimental Evidence.  Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 17, E. Chemla, V. Homer, G. Winterstein (eds), pp. 509-526. (Poster version)

2012. [Dimka Atanassov, Florian Schwarz, and John Trueswell] On the processing of might. Proceedings of PLC 36, UPenn Working Papers in Linguistics 19.1. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania.

2012. Presupposition Processing – The Case of German wieder. [Florian Schwarz and Sonja Tiemann]. Post-Proceedings of the  Amsterdam Colloquium 2011 (pre-print version)

2012. Situation pronouns in Determiner Phrases.  Natural Language Semantics, December 2012, Volume 20, Issue 4, pp 431-475 (DOI: 10.1007/s11050-012-9086-1)

2012. Domain Restriction and Discourse Structure – Evidence from Processing. Poster presented at the 25th CUNY Sentence Processing Conference

2011. Situation Pronouns and Nominal Domain Restriction. (Draft, July 2011; under revision)
[supersedes the second part of `Situation pronouns where you need them’ (2010), which has been split into two papers.]

2011. Topics and Situations – Comments on Hinterwimmer. [Commentary paper on Stefan Hinterwimmer’s paper from the NELS pronoun workshop at MIT. Hinterwimmer’s slides from the workshop are available here; the paper version is not yet publicly available]

2011. A matter of Ambiguity [Christine Boylan, Dimka Atanassaov, Florian Schwarz, and John Trueswell]. Talk presented at the 4th Biennial Conference of Experimental Pragmatics, Barcelona, Spain.

2010.  Affective ‘this’. [Potts, Christopher and Florian Schwarz] Linguistic Issues in Language Technology 3(5):1-30.

2009.  The pragmatics of expressive content: Evidence from large corpora. [Constant, Noah; Christopher Davis; Christopher Potts; and Florian Schwarz.] Sprache und Datenverarbeitung 33(1-2):5-21.

2009. Two Types of Definites in Natural Language, PhD thesis, University

of Massachusetts Amherst. (Chair: Angelika Kratzer)


2009 [to appear]. Maximize Presupposition and Two Types of Definite Competitors. [Luis Alonso-Ovalle, Paula Menendez-Benito and Florian Schwarz] In Proceedings of NELS 39, Amherst, MA: GLSA.2009 [to appear].

[to appear] Strengthening ‘or’: Effects of Focus and Downward Entailing Contexts on Scalar Implicatures. [Florian Schwarz, Charles Clifton, Jr. and Lyn Frazier] In: Anderssen, Moulton, Schwarz & Ussery (eds.) UMOP 37: Semantic Processing. Amherst, MA: GLSA.

2008. Exclamatives and heightened emotion: Extracting pragmatic generalizations from large corpora. [Chris Potts and Florian Schwarz] Manuscript.

2007. Processing Presupposed Content. Journal of Semantics 24(4): 373-416; doi: 10.1093/jos/ffm011 [Full paper freely available from Journal website if you click here]

2007. Ex-situ focus in Kikuyu.  In Aboh, Hartmann & Zimmermann (eds.) Focus Strategies in African Languages: The Interaction of Focus and Grammar in Niger-Congo and Afro-Asiatic. Berlin: de Gruyter, pp. 139-159 [draft]

2006. On NEEDING propositions and LOOKING FOR properties. In: M. Gibson, J. Howell (eds), SALT XVI 259-276, Ithaca, NY: Cornell University. (Click here for online version of Proceedings from SALT XVI)