I am an Associate Professor of Linguistics in the Linguistics department at UPenn, where I also currently serve as Undergraduate Chair. In addition, I am a member of the Graduate Group in Psychology. My main interests are in formal semantics and pragmatics of natural language. Much of my work in this area incorporates psycholinguistic methods.
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Recent & upcoming presentations & events:

June 2019

  • LSA Webinar on PCIbex. Video here.
  • Talk at XPRAG in Edinburgh (with Nadine Bade)

July 2019:

September 2019: Poster at Sinn und Bedeutung (with Nadine Bade)

Selected Publications and Recent Manuscripts and Talk Slides

(additional downloads here; see CV for full list of publications)

2016. Presuppositions, Projection, and Accommodation – Theoretical Issues and Experimental Approaches. Chapter draft, submitted to Handbook of Experimental Semantics and Pragmatics.

2016. [Jérémy Zehr, Cory Bill, Lyn Tieu, Jacopo Romoli, and Florian Schwarz] Presupposition projection from the scope of `None: Existential, Universal, or both? Draft submitted to Proceedings of SALT 26.

2017. Experimental Pragmatics. In the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics, M. Aronoff (ed.)

2016. [Hezekiah Akiva Bacovcin and Jérémy Zehr and Florian Schwarz] To Accommodate or to Ignore? The Presuppositions of ‘Again’ and ‘Continue’ Across Contexts. (submitted)

2016. Weak vs. Strong Definites – Meaning and Form Across Languages. Invited Talk presented at the workshop on Definiteness Across Languages, Universidad Autonoma de Mexico & El Colegio de Mexico, Mexico City. (earlier version presented at the Workshop on ‘Semantic contribution of Det and Num: (In)definiteness, genericity and referentiality’, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.)

2016. [Jeremy Zehr and Florian Schwarz] Entailed vs. Non-Entailed Presuppositions -An Experimental Assessment. Proceedings of NELS 46.

2016. [Florian Schwarz and Sonja Tiemann] Presupposition Projection in Online Processing (Link to Advance Access version on Journal of Semantics website; doi 10.1093/jos/ffw005)

2016 [Florian Schwarz, Jacopo Romoli, and Cory Bill] Reluctant acceptance of the literal truth: Eye tracking in the Covered Box Paradigm. Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 20.

2016 [Lyn Tieu, Cory Bill, Jeremy Zehr, Jacopo Romoli, and Florian Schwarz] Developmental insights into gappy phenomena: Comparing presupposition, implicature, homogeneity, and vagueness. (Submitted chapter draft)

2015 [Jeremy Zehr, Cory Bill, Lyn Tieu, Jacopo Romoli and Florian Schwarz] Existential Presupposition Projection from none? An Experimental Investigation. Pre-Proceedings of the 2015 Amsterdam Colloquium.

2015. [Lynda Kennedy, Cory Bill, Florian Schwarz, Stephen Crain, Raffaella Folli and Jacopo Romoli] Scalar implicatures vs. Presuppositions: the view from Broca’s aphasia. To appear in Proceedings of NELS 45.
2015. Intensional transitive verbs: I owe you a horse. Submitted for inclusion in the Companion to Semantics. (revised version, May 2015)

2015. Experimental Work in Presupposition and Presupposition Projection. Annual Review of Linguistics, Volume 2.

2015. False but slow: Evaluating statements with non-referring definites (Journal of Semantics, Advance Access, doi:10.1093/jos/ffu019)

2015. Experimental Perspectives on Presuppositions, Florian Schwarz (ed.),  Studies in Theoretical Psycholinguistics , Springer International Publishing. ISBN: 978-3-319-07979-0Experimental Perspectives on Presuppositions

NOTE: If you have access to the E-book version (through your library or personal account), you can purchase a paperback ‘MyCopy’ version for $24.99!

My contributions to the volume (email me if you’d like an electronic copy!):

  • Introduction: Presuppositions in Context – Theoretical Issues and Experimental Perspectives.
  • Presuppositions vs. Asserted Content in Online Processing.
  • Symmetry and Incrementality in Conditionals.
  • [Jacopo Romoli and Florian Schwarz] An Experimental Comparison between Presuppositions and Indirect Scalar Implicatures.

2014. [Cory Bill, Jacopo Romoli, Florian Schwarz and Stephen Crain] Presuppositions vs. Scalar Implicatures: The View from Acquisition. To appear in TOPOI, special issue “Presuppositions: Philosophy, Linguistics, and Psychology”

2014. [Ezra Keshet and Florian Schwarz] De Re / De Dicto. (Submitted)

2014. How weak and how definite are Weak Definites? (pre-final draft version)  Weak Referentiality, edited by Ana Aguilar-Guevara, Bert Le Bruyn, and Joost Zwarts, Linguistics Today series of John Benjamins)

2013. Different Types of Definites CrosslinguisticallyLanguage and Linguistics Compass Volume 7, Issue 10, pages 534–559. (pre-final draft)

2012. Situation pronouns in Determiner Phrases.  Natural Language Semantics, December 2012, Volume 20, Issue 4, pp 431-475 (DOI: 10.1007/s11050-012-9086-1)

2009. Two Types of Definites in Natural Language, PhD thesis, University of Massachusetts Amherst. (Chair: Angelika Kratzer)